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Liquid Mask Tub Protection Benefits and Guide to Apply

It is necessary to keep your bathtub clean. Protection for Tubs and Baths will not only influence the look of the tub but also help to give you a hygienic experience. Taking a bath in a dirty tub may affect your health as our skin is more permeable to water at the time of taking a long bath. Cleaning the tub by self doesn’t wear out all the dirt particles even after doing multiple washing. It is sometimes not possible to clean dirty marks and scratches on the tube. If you are looking for some solution to make your bathtub look more new, then buying Liquid Mask Tub Protection can be more useful for you.

Why Do You Need Liquid Mask Tub Protection:-

  • Maintain cleanliness: – It makes your bathtub cleaner. It gives you an experience of bathing in a new tub. If you’re using a white bathtub, then it can remove all the dirt to make your tub look clean.
  • Removing scars: – It can remove all the scars and cut on your tub. You don’t need any don any refurbished stuff to hide the spot. It can also remove marks from the corner parts.
  • Easy to clean:- The cleaning process is straightforward; you have to apply the Liquid Mask Tub Protection spray and remove the thick coat of the mask to wash all at a time.
  • Cost-effective:- The liquid mask cleaning method is more economical. It cost you very little in comparison to a new tub. If you are replacing your tub for the dirt and scar, then Liquid Mask Tub Protection can be the best choice for you.

How to Apply:-

The Liquid Mask is helpful for you in two ways. You can clean your bathtub and also you’re washing basin. Follow the below steps to know about the procedure:-

The process starts with the help of an air sprayer that can spray the liquid mask with high pressure on the tub. You can use a painting gallon to store the liquid mask and air sprayer to apply it to the tub.

  • The liquid mask uses a hydrophilic product so, no flushing or washing of the chemicals is necessary. You need a gallon and bucket to apply the liquid mask to your bath tub.
  • Take the gallon and spray it all around the bathtub. The process is the same as spraying color paint on the wall. You do not need to rush more liquid mask on the more dirty part. All the spray must be equally sprayed around all the regions of the tub.
  • It will be better to apply the coating on the edge part with tape. Use the gallon and sprayer only at the broadside so that it doesn’t get wasted. Keep the liquid mask thicker so that it will be easy for you to remove the coat.
  • After completing the spray work, wait for some time. It is easy to remove the coat of the dried liquid mask. Try to roll out and remove all the liquid covering in one attempt.

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