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Is It Cheaper to Buy Furniture or Move Them?

There are so many things to be done and planning required when moving to a new place.

Whether you are going to a packers and movers agency or do it yourself?

It is cheaper to buy new furniture or simply you should move them?

Well, we will help you to find out the answer to the last question.

However, it depends on the nature of the move, the furniture itself and your personal preference but at least the article will help you to make the right decision.

Is It Worth It Move Furniture or Buy Them?

When it comes to relocation then the total weight of your belongings will affect the final price in the bill provided by the moving company.

This makes people think whether it is worth it to move furniture or they should buy new ones after moving into a new house.

Well, there are many things that shall be considered when you are planning whether you should move your furniture or buy new.

While adorning your house with new furniture can be enticing, there may be no need of getting rid of any such things that hold a sentimental value for you.

In this article, we will be discussing such factors to consider which will help you to decide whether it is good to move your old furniture or buy a new one.

Is It Practical to Move Your Furniture?

Check all the furniture pieces you have and think about the period of their existence. If they have seen the best days of their life then it’s time to buy new furniture.

Relocation somehow gives you an opportunity to get rid of all the old and unwanted goods. So, if you were planning for a long time to sell your old furniture and get a new one, the right time has come.

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Older furniture is likely to get easily damaged during transportation. If you will move such old furniture then you may end up buying new furniture. And then you will have nothing but trashed pieces of the furniture. So, it’s good to invest in new furniture rather than having broken or damaged furniture (that you just paid to have moved).

Think About Where You are Moving

This is one of the major factors to consider while deciding whether you will be moving your furniture or buying new.

Moving across the town, it is more cost-effective to move your furniture instead of buying new.

If you are moving to a long-distance place then we would say consider the above discuss discussed topic to decide whether you should buy or move furniture.

But, by renting a moving truck or hiring professional packers and movers you can easily relocate your furniture locally within the town. And intercity or international move is where you should think for the alternatives.

Think About the New Home

Are you moving to a bigger home or just like the previous one?

You will have to consider the size of the rooms before you decide to move with all your furniture.

Make sure you have a good idea of the layout of the room before moving in with your furniture pieces. Also, decide where the furniture will be placed in the new house.

If you think the furniture pieces are too big for new rooms then you will have to buy new furniture. Take proper measurements of the rooms and your furniture as well and see where they can fit well.

Apart from the size of the home, consider the interior design of the house. Is there any match between your old furniture and the new living space?

Maybe the old sofa set will look odd or out of place in the new living space. So, think from all points of view and decide what will be the best for you.

Think About Your Sentimental Value

Do you have any sentimental value associated with any piece of the furniture you have?

Well, many people have some sentimental values with some of their furniture pieces. Maybe, you have something that was used by your grandparent, an armchair was passed down through your family for generations.

It’s okay to be soft-hearted for some of your furniture, but not all the items are your family heirlooms so, check everything and decide which furniture can be replaced with new ones, and which will be moved with you.

Only two or three furniture pieces usually have sentimental value, the rest should be viewed with a practical perspective. If you think the furniture pieces are two old and it’s simply not worth it moving them, then discard them and buy new furniture.

But, most of the time conflict arises. You may find a sentimental piece too expensive to relocate or, it simply does not fit in your new living space. Then you may get confused about whether to keep it or not.

Well, to escape from such a situation you can ask your friends or relatives to know if they are willing to adopt the piece. This way you can stay relaxed knowing where your sentimental piece resides.

Consider the Value of Your Furniture

Considering the real value of your furniture is an important factor to decide whether you should move it or buy new.

If you have some extremely expensive furniture pieces, or you have a designer couch that had costs you a lot then they are definitely worth it to be moved.

The expensive furniture pieces that are long-lasting should be moved. But, you should think twice about the pieces that are outdated now, no matter how much they had cost you back in the day. Maybe it will go with the interior design of your new house. You will have no options left to keep them in the storeroom.

Think about what will make you happy and decide accordingly. If you think the expensive furniture pieces should be moved then go ahead.

Think About The Cost

Last but not the least, you should think about the cost of moving furniture and buying new furniture.

When you will estimate the cost of furniture transportation then you will know what is good for you.

First, check the number of furniture pieces you have. Then check its condition, price, and your sentiments, and the place where you are moving of course. Now, contact a moving company and get two estimates.

Ask your movers to provide you two moving estimates one for with furniture and the other without including the cost of furniture.

If you want to remove furniture from the list just because you want to save on moving costs then remember companies have minimum weight prices. So removing a few pieces of furniture will not make a big difference in the weight of your household items and the price may remain the same.

Final Words

We have shared all the important factors that you must consider while deciding on buying new furniture or moving the old ones. From the place where you are moving to the value of your furniture, everything matters a lot. But, ultimately it depends on your personal preference and the furniture itself. Just decide whether you will move your furniture with professional packers and movers or, buy the new ones after moving into the new house.

Good Luck!

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