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Industry 4.0, also called Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a phenomenon that is affecting most businesses in the production area.

Companies in the furniture, rest, and upholstery sector are also experiencing the transformations implied by the automation of processes and new management technologies.

We live in an environment in which ICTs play a more decisive role.

This means that manual production processes and control systems in production plants are giving way to more efficient tools for collecting and measuring data.

Find out what advantages Industry 4.0 implies and how you can take advantage of this opportunity in your company in the furniture sector.


Industry 4.0 involves applying new technologies to production management. We can easily connect our machines and devices to a single system to better measure our productivity and facilitate the management of operations.

Thus, for example,

ERP and production management tools adapted to the fourth industrial revolution facilitate the digital transformation of your company.

The fourth industrial revolution brings many benefits to your factory.

Real-time data capture

It is no longer necessary for an operator to write down the performance data of a machine.

We can have all our systems connected to better carry out quality control and productivity of our company.

The connection between machines and operators

This data can also be viewed in real-time and allows us to combine the information generated by the machine,

such as the data of each operator,

which can account for their performance through a mobile device.

Integration with electronic commerce

It is not a secret for anyone that many companies in the furniture sector make production on demand.

The integration between the online point of sale, the warehouse, and the manufacturing area must be complete to achieve fast, productive, and efficient processes that allow us to avoid errors and delays.


Industry 4.0 paves the way for a smart factory.

The integration of data in a single tool allows you to carry out better process control and an automated system using customized robotic solutions.

The automation of industrial processes helps to improve productivity, reduce costs and promote the competitiveness of the company in an environment increasingly marked by automation.

Cost reduction

Adapting to industry 4.0 also means reducing costs, since we can improve the precision with which the supervision and control of processes, tasks, and quality are carried out.

The decentralization of the systems also allows the integrated management of different production plants,

warehouses, and points of sale from a modular ERP tool connected with the necessary applications in each department and branch.

The ERP solution for companies in the furniture and rest sector helps your company enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Increase automation and improve production management in your factory to achieve the best results.

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