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What Type of Custom Rigid Boxes You can use for Holiday Season!

The holiday season is known for triggering intense emotions. Just thinking about the holidays, Christmas, and New Year can excite you, but the preparations sometimes lead to stress. For a solid end-of-the-year success, it also becomes high time for every brand.

Therefore, it is essential to put every effort to make sure your brand stands out by bringing joy through impeccable holiday packaging designs.

Holidays and Christmas are a particular time of year. Therefore, as a brand, you must leverage the festivity to make a more personal connection with your customers. Almost all the consumers are conditioned to have brand expectations during the holiday season. If you hit it right, you can expect customers to return and choose your brand over the hyper-competition.

To achieve this, you do not even have to overhaul your custom rigid boxes packaging design. For some brands and businesses, a complete design makeover might be ideal; however, some may make a few edits due to the cost issues. This article will help you look at a few holiday packaging design tips to help you spice up your custom rigid packaging with the holiday spirit.

Holiday Custom Rigid Packaging

A complete holiday redesign of wholesale rigid boxes might not be in the budget. However, you can add some holiday cheer to your wholesale rigid boxes with little changes. This way you are wishing the person the event of a holiday. Furthermore, you can also add a thanking note to raise your buyer’s spirit.

You may add a custom sticker that fits with your design elements for beautifully designed luxury custom rigid boxes. His small addition lets your consumers know that you are thinking of them during the holidays. Practical and creative holiday designs can include something as simple as a snowflake, a Santa Claus, or a snowman sticker saying ‘Seasons Greetings!’ or ‘Happy Holidays! Ho Ho Ho!.’

Give Your Consumers a Surprise Message

Surprises often bring a more significant impact. An affordable and cost-effective way to create a deep emotional connection with your consumers is to add a special holiday message inside the box. You can do this by putting a note inside. You can try getting printed ten or twenty different holiday greeting messages in bulk. This way, if someone buys more than one item, they will likely get another message inside each of the custom rigid boxes. If notes are not your brand’s thing, then you can also get creative with stickers.

You can use and implement this idea any time of year. This helps create a more personal connection between you and your customers. Moreover, it is an extra pleasant surprise during the holiday season chaos. If you have not changed your exterior packaging, then such a gesture lets your consumers know that you are thinking of them.

Spice Up the Unboxing Experience

Many rigid box manufacturers USA, like the Packaging Republic, tell the brands to spice up the unboxing experience for their consumers. The unboxing experience is considered to be the most crucial element of product packaging. Adding a holiday cheer note, as mentioned above, is one way for you to spice up your customers’ unboxing experience. Another affordable and straightforward approach is to add holiday tissue paper inside your packaging.

For instance, if a customer opens a product box and sees a cheering, thanksgiving note. This will raise the spirits of your customers and they will trust and buy your product in the future, too.

Rigid box manufacturers USA can customize the tissue in many ways. But you can also use it as wrapping paper and wrap the product inside the package, making it feel more like a gift. 

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