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How to Design Attractive Book Boxes that Appeal more Customers?

Most of the stores selling books don’t much care about the packaging of their books because they think that readers won’t buy any book because of its packaging. Yes, it is true, but when you are doing a business, you need to make your brand as valuable for customers as books. You have to build an authority that will develop trust in the audiences, and they will definitely prefer buying from you. The purpose of packaging is not just to promote your brand, but it also helps book stores enhance the customers’ experience. You can design custom book boxes that would be used as packaging for the books customers buy from your shop.

You have to be very careful while designing boxes for your books, and a good understanding of your book’s genre will help you to effectively design the boxes. Other than that, there are many other things that you have to keep in mind while designing the boxes for your store books.

Use Good Quality Books

The boxes that you would use for the packaging of books would have a direct impact on the overall brand personality. So, you have to make sure that you are using good quality boxes to build the authority of your brand in the market. You can ask your service provider to use good quality material to make book boxes. There are many kinds of box packaging available, and it is completely up to you what kind of boxes you want for your books. Some book stores go for corrugated boxes because they are very affordable and readily available, and some go for more fancy and stylish packaging.

Carefully Choose The Theme

The theme that you would choose for your boxes would determine your overall brand’s persona. Whether you want to build a classic or funny or stylish brand personality. There are many ways you can design your boxes; you can get some ideas from the internet or ask some expert packaging company to suggest you some designs based on the products that you are selling to the customers.

Designing Based On Genre

The genre of books plays a major role in the designing of boxes. You can either design the same boxes for all genres or slightly change the theme based on the genres. For all genres you can use different colors and graphics, in this way, the customers who like fiction will get boxes with some mystical objects printed on them, kids would get more funky boxes, and for academics, the boxes would be more basic and elegant. So, having different types of boxes for all genres would add more value to your brand, and your customers would also like it very much.

Understand Your Customers 

To create the best design for your boxes, you have to understand your customers very well. Understanding your customers means knowing the interests and preferences of someone who like books. The better you understand the mindsets of your customers, the easier it is for you to design creative and unique packaging that your customers would definitely love.

Use Protective Packaging

Making your books beautiful is not the only purpose of designing the boxes; your boxes should very protective in nature and give full protection to the books inside. It is better to use waterproof material, so in case any liquid splits on the boxes, it would not spoil the books.


Hopefully, reading this article, you will come to know why custom book boxes are important, and how they can add more value to your book store brand? While designing the boxes, you have to keep in mind different things, such as the theme, genre, quality, and protectiveness. You should carefully design your boxes, and they will make your brand worthy for the customers who will buy the books from you.

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