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5 Things To Consider For Kitchen Wood Flooring

Even though it isn’t a traditional choice for a kitchen floor, no one can deny the rustic beauty of wood flooring. If you are thinking about kitchen renovation, a new floor can entirely change the look of your kitchen. Although it comes with certain challenges, a wood-floored kitchen can look timeless.

But before you make such a huge investment let’s learn some of the things you absolutely need to consider when specifying kitchen wood flooring.

Maintenance and convenience

Please remember that wood and water do not mix. So even a small unsupervised dishwasher leak can do damage to a hardwood floor. However, daily splashes of water, if wiped up immediately, won’t possess the risk. So before investing in a wood floor, think about your family habits. If you are not sure, you can opt for engineered wood flooring, which is much less expensive but looks great.

The wood needs to acclimate

It is possible that the wood you ordered has been stored in the warehouse for months. There is a chance that the temperature would be different from the residence. Installing wood before acclimating can lead to the floor getting swelled up or shrink down. Your floor could end up having gaps in between the planks. It is better to let your wood acclimate by cross-stacking them in your home for a few weeks. Depending on the species of the wood, it can take anywhere between one to three weeks.


The kitchen is typically the central and one of the busiest rooms of the house. Before selecting the type of wood you want for your kitchen floor, please remember to choose a species hardy enough to withstand the daily commotion. Daily traffic includes movement of appliances, chairs, shoes, and spilling of food items. Engineered oak flooring is one of the strongest and most appropriate choices for a kitchen floor. They are less inclined to dents and scratches.

The overall aesthetic

While convenience and durability are the most crucial factor while choosing a kitchen floor, your sense of style and overall aesthetic of your home also deserves input.

While choosing a kitchen floor, pick something that goes with the natural style of your home. If you are re-doing the entire kitchen, consider other elements like the colors of your kitchen cabinets. Does the wood of the floors compliment the rest of the kitchen design? Do you want your kitchen floor to be the focal point? Or you want something neutral to blend well with the rest of the design?

There are so many wood species to choose from- Teak, Oak, Walnut, Hickory, Fir, and others. Each has its own texture and feel. However, you can always tint the wood lighter or darker and change the finishing look.

engineered oak flooring

The layout

It is essential to understand that the direction of the planks has a significant impact on the layout of your kitchen. It is advisable to lay the planks towards the longest dimension of the kitchen. This makes the kitchen look bigger and more open.

After finishing up with laying the planks in the kitchen, do not forget to apply a good quality sealant. A sealant will prevent wooden floors from water damage and scratches. There are water-based and oil-based sealants available in the market. It is advisable to connect with a flooring expert to understand what will work for your kitchen floor.

Some quick tips to take care of your hardwood kitchen floor

Whether you have just installed a new kitchen floor or have relocated in a house with a hardwood kitchen floor, here are some maintenance tips to help the floor look amazing:

  • Wipe any sort of spills immediately as they can form spots on the wooden floor.
  • Do not use steam or hot water to clean the floor. This will damage the wood finish.
  • Dust with a soft broom, preferably one with rubber bristles.
  • On the high foot traffic areas, use a rug to cover and protect your flooring.
  • Check your dishwasher, refrigerator, and sink regularly for signs of leaking.

 Consult an expert

Kitchen renovation can cost a lot of money. Finding quality hardwood to complement the style and necessity of your kitchen can be challenging. Choose a flooring company where you can talk to their team and even visit their showroom for some insights. Floorsave has a wide range of beautifully engineered wood flooring options that fit your budget. If you live nearby, you can check out their showroom to see the samples yourself!

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