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How To Protect Our Food From Damages By Warmer Temperature 

It’s not any surprise that climate change has a great impact on our overall health.

But one of the more shocking effects of a warmer planet is our food. Outlined in many of the news reports from many research programs, and with many environmental research groups. It compromises with government agencies such as EPA, NASA, and the NOAA, which is what temperature does to our food.

Moreover, the US Agriculture’s Department of Meat and Poultry receives many counts of similar calls every day held by consumers, they all say about their confusion and questioned how to save there’s food.

Throughout over this beef roast, is the answer. Why? Because leaving your food for a long time at a warmer place or room temperature causes many of the bacteria like aureus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Escherichia coli, and Campylobacter to grow into dangerous levels which can also cause illness.

Some changes by warmer temperature in our food

1. Food goes bad quicker

The warmer the temperature, the more diseases cause microbes to be happier. But norovirus like cooler climates, most of the illness-carrying bugs love high temperatures that mean warmer environments. The bacteria Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter are particularly most likely to thrive only in warmer temperatures, mainly on vegetables, fruits, and seafood.

Overall all the microbes will love high temperatures. Because this situation leads foods quicker spoiling. Some fungal toxins moved around faster. Wreaking havoc mainly on a wide range of crops like corn.

2. Our crops could get less nutrition

At warmer temperatures, high amounts of CO2 producing in our atmosphere. Which provides a huge impact on the food nutrition which is present in our daily eating routine. 

For example, the report cites, protein is going to decrease when C02 levels increase from 520 parts per million to 960 ppm. Like protein, some of the essential elements like iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and nitrogen will also decrease as CO2 goes up position, according to the research report.

Although many of the studies have established the connection between higher less nutritious plants with CO2, researchers don’t recognize the happening of this case.

3. Fish goes higher in potentially harmful substance

One of the great food which provides mercury in our bodies has comes from fish, fish organic kind of mercury is found called methyl mercury.

As the report shows, fish in warmer temperatures have an easier time absorbing mercury. Which include in our diets. Mercury high enough level poisoning also causes some serious symptoms, such as hearing, impaired vision, muscle weakness, and speech.

4. Won’t be able to rely on a stable source of food

Extreme weather caused by climate change provide a huge impact on food. Too much quantity of water, or not enough needed to cut down these crops in report mentions, food transportation greatly affected and limited during extreme weather. 

For example, the availability of extreme weather affects waterways, and grain which is ships mostly by water, experience great difficulties. In extreme drought instances, in a part of damaging crops, these waterways become inaccessible.

And if food transportation slows down, there’s a bigger chance of going bad in higher temperatures. Especially when power outages are involved in it.

Your food – Always protect by refrigerator

The life of many foods goes to be increased by the store at temperatures below 4 °C (40 °F). Commonly in refrigerated foods vegetables, fresh fruit, eggs, meats, and dairy products are included.

Some foods, like tropical fruits like bananas, damage rapidly into low temperatures. Anyway, refrigeration does not increase the quality of decayed food, it retard the deterioration only. 

In modern mechanical refrigeration one problem is that—“dehydration of foods due to moisture condensation” is overcome through control of humidity mechanisms within the chamber of storage by appropriate techniques of packaging.


Mainly, frozen and freezing storage provides an excellent and great preserving means for the nutritional quality of foods. At subfreezing temperatures, foods nutrients lose slowly. But great for the storage typical period which is used in commercial trade.

Freezers of industries

The rate of removing heat from food during freezing always depends on heat how fast travel within the food, and what kind of efficiency liberates from the food surface into the atmosphere surrounding it. Freezers of industries remove heat from the food surface as rapidly as possible. 

Several types of freezers which used in industries, including cryogenic freezers, air-blast tunnel freezers, plate freezers, fluidized-bed freezers, and belt freezers.

a. Airblast freezer

In air-blast, tunnel, and belt freezers, pre-cooled air temperature is about −40 °C   which blows over the products of food. All the packaged foods like vegetables, fruits, bakery items, poultry, and prepared meals, mainly and usually frozen in this. The packages are placed onto hand trucks and then these products are rolled into the tunnel of the freezer.

b. Belt freezer

With a belt freezer, food is placed on a conveyor belt that moves around and is surrounded by the freezing zone. Chicken parts, meat patties, and bakery goods freezes with the use of a belt freezer.

c. Bed freezer

A Bed freezer wanted to freeze particular foods like cut corn, peas, strawberries, and diced carrots. On this, foods on the conveyor belt move through a freezing zone from directly cold air through the mesh belt.

d. Plate freezer

This freeze used to freeze flat products, like pastries, beef patties, and fish fillets and some of the irregular-shaped vegetables that packaged brick-shaped containers, like cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, and broccoli.

e. Cryogenic freezer

Cryogenic wanted to freeze food at an extremely fast rate. In this process of freezing, the food moves through a spray. In this spray liquid nitrogen involves which directly immerses in the liquid.


All of these refrigerators need service almost in a year which is necessary. Repairing an air conditioner and refrigerators, these services provide great jobs all over the world. In this era, many websites provide these services at low rates. If you want any services about the freezer or air conditioner, contact them.

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