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Effects of Supplements on your Health

The use of supplements has increased over the years and most of them are often used to filling nutrient gaps in the diet. Living a healthy lifestyle for many people is more than eating and getting good exercise. It also involves taking nutritional products, vitamins, and other supplements. Although supplements can provide an adequate amount of essential nutrients needed by the body, they can never take the place of important food the body needs for a healthy diet.  

Taking some supplements has been proven to help improve the overall health, and also manage certain health issues but it can also have severe side effects on their health. Supplements manufacturers also make much publicity about the potential benefits of supplements but no one talks about their harmful effect. In fact, using some supplements can increase your risk of having disease and can also lead you to the emergency department. 

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It alters the effect of other drugs

Many supplements contain active ingredients which can have strong side effects on the body. These include muscle pain, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, and many more. This can also be due to the use of a high dose of supplements or taking different types of supplements. Taking supplements with prescription drugs can also cause counter interaction.

Some supplements also increase the risk of bleeding if taken before or after surgery. It can also reduce the effect of anesthesia. For patients with underlying disease, supplements might cause a huge problem. Therefore, always talk to your doctor before using any supplements and use the recommended daily dose. 

It causes an allergic reaction

Allergy causes immune system response in the body which can lead to life-threatening symptoms in the body. Supplements allergy reactions are one of the most common allergic reactions. It often causes distinctive reactions such as nasal congestion, birth defect, liver damage, wheezing, shortness of breath, and many more. 

Research has discovered a link between dermatitis and vitamin B12 supplements. Taking a large dose of vitamin B12 by patients that are allergic to cobalt often leads to dermatitis which produces skin rashes and itchiness. Dermatitis is not a life-threatening condition however, medical practitioners have recorded some life-threatening situations. 

Safety measures before using supplements 

Although the Food and Drug Administration is in charge of overseeing dietary supplements, they are not authorized to review dietary supplements for effectiveness before the supplements are marketed. 

In addition, no safety testing is done by FDA and there is no requirement that dietary supplement packaging must contain its adverse effect. Therefore you need to follow some safety measures for the best results. They include:

  • When searching for dietary supplements online, check non-commercial sites such as FDA, NIH, and many more for the approved ones. 
  • Talk to your healthcare provider before using any supplements 
  • Make sure your doctor approves using supplements in combination with your prescribed medication. 
  • Do not use any supplements if you are scheduled for a survey and talk to your doctor before your surgery if you have used any. 
  • Many manufacturers that claim their supplements are natural are sometimes marketing strategies and not often safe. 

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