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What Dietician has to say about Covid-19 Pandemic?

As the world is facing an unprecedented time, the outbreak of Covid-19 has filled almost everyone with fear of losing one’s own life as well as their loved ones. The biggest weapon to fight with the deadly virus and save ourselves is immunity.

Alongside taking precautionary measures like sanitizing hands often, following social distancing, and wearing gloves and masks, taking measures to boost the immune system of the body is also recommended.

Who other than the dieticians can give better insight into it? A dietician Hyderabad Deepika Chalasani gave pro diet changes in order to boost one’s immunity.

Direct source over supplements:

Many people prefer taking supplement pills over changing their food habits. You may initially feel it to be a good idea and reason yourself that the supplements do the same job. But over a period of time, you will realise how wrong you were.

Deepika Chalasani explains it as when you take medicinal supplements, your body gets a readymade source. On the other hand, when you eat veggies, fruits, etc. which are a direct source of vitamins, each and every part of the body functions to break it down and get the desired benefit. Hence, keep the normal functioning of the body intact.

Moreover, the supplements also have side effects which might not be visible immediately but in due course of time, they will show their effect. This possibility is eliminated in the case of natural sources.

Include citrus fruits and lemons in the diet:

The severity and course of cold can be reduced with the help of vitamin C. Citrus fruit are the best source of the same. The juice of one lemon contains approximately 30 mg vitamin C and its peel is the source of 10-20 mg vitamin C.

Mix the juice of citrus fruit with hot water and sip it as a refreshment drink once a day.
Include whole grains and oats in your meal:

Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Pantothenic acid, and other vitamin B are obtained from whole grains. Hence, including wheat, barley, brown rice, etc. in your diet will keep a check on Vitamin B needs.

Dietician Hyderabad explains that when talking about the immune system of the body, Vitamin B plays a vital role. It helps the body to fight off the bacteria and viruses alongside supporting the immune system to fight back when you are not well.

Start your day with a breakfast that contains whole grains like oats. You may make porridge of oats and top it with nuts and fruits to make it healthier and more delicious.
You may also add salads made of pearl barley or bulgar wheat in your meals.

Never forget to include nuts in your diet:

Nuts are a powerful source of Vitamin B, zinc, and iron. It also contains several other vitamins and minerals. Almond and peanuts supply one with Vitamin E whereas Brazil nuts are good sources of Selenium.

You may add nuts in porridge and enhance its taste and nutritional value.
Including these in your diet will keep your system fit to fight with any virus. Therefore will keep you and your loved ones safe from deadly Covid-19.

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