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Advantages of Setting up a Clothing Company in Dubai

Dubai had never quit proving that it has a productive footing for growing entrepreneurs in the same way in the case of the fashion industry. From ethnic to casual wear, Dubai has become the core to one of the world’s biggest consumer markets for clothing and accompaniments. While traditional methods of shopping are still growing, online shopping has encouraged clothing companies to maximize their profits by expanding their products to UAE’s thriving number of online customers.

To begin a clothing business in Dubai, first, you must need ideation, aim, and some tangible business insight. With the perfect mixture of talent and aptitude, you can become a successful and proud owner of your clothing enterprise. You can import, export, and distribute your garments in Dubai and across the UAE.

Why should one open a fashion store in Dubai?

UAE’s clothing industry is valued at $15 billion. The apparel sector leads the retail sector with a 73 percent market share. This is due to the steadily growing demand and sale of apparel stores. The future of Dubai clothing sales is to enhance over the following decade as the economic conditions become more beneficial. If you are an efficient entrepreneur with a vision and mission for your business of clothing, then it is indeed a great idea to start a clothing line business in Dubai.

At the same time, the reign of online retail sales has already started with a smooth evolution.

Some of the nooks that people usually choose for a clothing company are kids wear, infant wear, sports and gym wear, formal wear, wedding wear, nightwear, casual wear, and more. Menswear alone is expected to reach an annual growth rate of about 3.8 percent between 2020 and 2023. Whereas womenswear is expected to hit an annual growth rate of 4.9 percent. Whichever niches you are choosing, every genre is well and profit is guaranteed on almost everyone. The next thing which has to stand out in each of these should be a unique design and style. That is what makes it appear attractive to the customers.

Cost for starting a clothing company in Dubai

The cost for starting a clothing company in Dubai can vary in each zone when compared with one another. The estimated price for a trade license may cost at least AED 40,000. This includes license cost in Dubai, fees of the application, registration, establishment card, MoA, Visa deposit, and residence visa.

Advantages of Setting up a Clothing Company in Dubai

What are the benefits of starting a clothing store in Dubai?

Launching a clothing store in Dubai can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs as there is always a demand for fresh styles and great deals on designer clothes. However, it needs a lot of planning and decision-making to start a fashion enterprise in Dubai. Also, there are a number of advantages to starting a clothing store here. They are:

  • Great Potential and Demand

The fashion industry holds a huge demand in the localities of Dubai. If you are intending to begin a fashion boutique in Dubai then first you should understand the fashion industry and the market that you want to focus on. Nowadays, the modest and Islamic fashion industry is flourishing in Dubai.

A study shows that the amount spent on clothing and attire by Muslims will reach USD 368 billion by the end of this year 2021. Along with this, the foreign community is also seen buy this commodity. Thus, one can use this opportunity and conduct sales of the needed products accordingly.

  • A vast range of location alternatives

One of the major motives of investors to invest in the Dubai market is the availability of various region preferences. Based on the character of your business, you can set up your fashion clothing enterprise. It can be either on the mainland or in a free zone. If you want to open your shop on the mainland, the whole process will only take a total time period of 90 days. Or else, you can choose a free zone to establish your business and attain the benefits they provide.

Also, this includes no corporate and individual tax, complete company ownership, full repatriation of capital/profits, and no import and export tax. Each of the choices helps their business to set up the firm according to the financial peace they hold.

  • Easy registration process

Regardless of the zone, you had selected to set up your company, there isn’t any requirement of another license for completing the procedure. The license application procedure is incredibly simple. They are usually issued in a short time period. For creating a brand, you can easily apply for a trademark on the website of the Ministry of Economy. The process of embodying a business in Dubai is easy if conduct with the help of consultants who have better knowledge regarding the proceedings.

  • Availability of multiple visas

There are multiple visa options available for both the mainland and the free zone. If you are preferring a free zone, there will be an upper limit on the number of visas you can apply for. This usually comes in association with the quantity of office space you oblige to rent out. On the other hand, for mainland start-ups, there isn’t a maximum limit for visa requests. Similarly, this also comes in association with the size of the premises.


Clothing stores are one of the best businesses to do in Dubai but also require a trade license register to operate as a legal entity. But, to have a successful clothing business you should understand the local clothing industry before initiating the whole process. Also, learn the regional trends to make the business unique.

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