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How to Clean the Porous Floor Tiles?

If you give the care to the tiles, then it will stay last long. Right from hexagon tile to beveled tile is known for versatility, unique styles, and durability too. However, porous floor tiles demand proper cleaning. If you do not pay attention to the tiles cleaning, they will lose their shine in the small-time period. The result of this carelessness is you have to change your black and white hexagon tile or any other tile. So instead of spending an extra amount of bucks, clean the tiles properly. Here is the list of steps to clean your porous floor tiles.

Step-1, Clean Debris from Porous Floor Tiles:

The first step is cleaning the debris from the floor tiles. You can use a broom to clean the tiles. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then you can use it to remove the dust deeply from the walls and floors.  Clean all the debris from the floor.

Step-2, Mop the Porous Floor Tiles:

For this step, you need the squeegee bucket or the mop bucket. Add the warm water in the bucket with one spoon of floor cleaner. Then mix it. It will remove the stain of the floor.

Step-3, Use Vinegar, and Water:

Use the solution of warm water and vinegar to remove the difficult stains, sketches, or crayons. If you have a mop with a sponge, then use it for cleaning the tiles. Dip the mob in solution and drain it after using the broom on the floor tiles, especially on the stained area.

Step-4, Brush out Grout:

It is one of the time-consuming methods of brushing the grout. Take the hot water in the bucket and add the dish wash soap in it. Dip the dry towel in the solution of warm water and dish wash soap. Squeeze the towel and wipe it on the floor. It will surely clean the grout of the floor. In addition to it, you can also clean the hexagon tile with the ammonia.

Step-5, Wax the Porous Floor Tiles:

When the person thinks about waxing floors, then he has numerous thoughts related to it. Liquid floor wax is one of the recommended and safest wax ever. You will not face any difficulty while applying the coating. When you apply the first coating of floor wax, then wait for an hour. After the one hour, apply the second coating of wax in the opposite direction to the first one. Dried liquid wax is buff out by the dry towel.


In the end, if you are facing the problem related to cleaning porous floor tiles, then follows the steps mentioned above. Clean and shiny tiles add beauty to the house. With the help of shiny tiles, your home looks unique and new.

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