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7 Ways to Read Your Cat’s Expression

It is sometimes impossible to decode what your cat wishes to tell you through their expressions alone and if you are among those owners who have faced this problem frequently then it is now time to decode the hidden message, they wish to tell you while making a particular expression! Here are 7 ways to read your cat’s expression. With these 7 common expressions that your cat exhibits you can easily decode what your cat would like to tell you and you can also take actions accordingly! 

  1. Scared cats:

Scared cats tend to run behind a large object and stay hidden behind it. When a cat is scared, they are not able to engage in daily activities in a normal way and are observed to have a distorted schedule of sleep and eating time. For scared cats, playing also becomes an activity where they cannot enjoy themselves. 

Signs that your cat is scared:

  • Small hisses or growls indicating they are scared and have given up
  • Ears and whiskers have dropped down
  • Wrapping tail close to the body
  • Eyes dilate and widen with fear
  1. Happy cats:

Happy cats just lighten up your mood and make it just so much better! You also tend to have a good day if your cat is happy as well. Some of the cats who are happy act like a total fluffball and hence you get a fun time to spend with your cat. Happy cats are what everyone loves so why not buy a cat for sale in Delhi via MummyCat and give yourself a treat! 

Signs that your cat is happy:

  • Calm body language
  • Raised tails with a small curve at the tip
  • Shining eyes with slow blinks
  • Low purring sounds
  • Grooming their owners
  1. Anxious cat:

Anxious cats are not to be messed with in any way and if you are yet to distinguish whether your cat is anxious or not then you might want to check for some signs which will let you know when to not go near your cat. Anxious cats also tend to bite or scratch their owners if not behaved carefully in front of them. 

Signs that your cat is anxious:

  • Cannot stay still
  • Chasing own tail and trying to bite it
  • Scratching on any object in front of them
  • Over-grooming of themselves
  • Changes in eating habits 
  • Hiding when strangers visit home
  1. Agitated cats:

If your cat feels annoyed, they will just leave you and will not allow you to pet them no matter what. They might even give a warning bite to let you understand it is not a good time to mess with me! 

Signs that your cat is agitated:

  • Ear lobes to the sideways
  • Long vocalizations 
  • Fast wagging of tails
  • Small warning bites
  1. Aggressive cats:

Aggressive cats are ready to fight and show discomfort if you go near them. They also exhibit long and loud growls indicating they are angry. Noticing and trying to calm your cat down is really important or else it can lead to a fight with another cat.

Signs that your cat is angry:

  • Constriction of pupils
  • Baring of teeth
  • Ears are pulled back indicating an attentive pose
  • Stiff body posture
  • Hair raised
  • Long lunges
  1. Hungry cats:

Feeding your cats on time is a task but not being able to recognize they are hungry or not can distort their timetable and hence affect their health. Hence providing proper timely nutrition is important. 

Signs that your cat is hungry:

  • Repeated, high-pitched meows
  • Sitting near the food box
  • Trying to reach the cat treat box kept on the counter
  1. Affectionate cats:

Cats in their affectionate mood are the most fun and most loving beings! No matter whether you are happy or sad, they will display their love when they are in an affectionate mood. They will come and circle around you and purr softly displaying the love they have for you. 

Signs that your cat is affectionate:

  • Social grooming is displayed
  • Being touchy-touchy
  • Slow blinks
  • Reclining of the cat next to you but with its back towards you

Final words:

These are all the 7 ways to read your cat’s expressions. Wanting to get a cat to comfort you during all those times you feel lonely? Then buy a cat at budget cats price in Delhi via MummyCat now!

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