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Learn How To Apply Correctly Self tanning lotions

Find out how self-tanning lotions work and the common problems people face along with the tips on how to avoid them

Self-tanning lotions have the potential to scare people off if not used properly. First-timers often end up with streaked skin and orange palms because of the lack of experience with the lotion. Once you get the hang of it, however, these self-tanning lotions come in quite handy, especially during the summers.

Learn How To Apply Correctly self-tanning lotions

Self tanning lotions

Misapplication of self-tanning lotions can have amusing results and this does commonly happen with people. It’s not so much a problem that has to do with the product rather it is the technique that is being used to apply the lotion that is faulty.

What is DHA?

Tanning lotions such as these contain a chemical known as dihydroxyacetone which is known as DHA in short. This is the substance that gives the topmost layers of your skin temporary stains within an hour after you have applied it. This particular layer is known as the stratum corneum. Hence if you start on the wrong foot with the application of the product then chances are you will not be able to stop this fast pace process from having its effect on your skin.

How to avoid streaking

The biggest problem that people face when making use of self-tanning lotions is that of streaking. The skin resembles the coat of a tiger with a combination of dark and light-colored stripes. The problem lies in the fact that you have to ready your skin before applying the self-tanning lotion.

Before applying self-tanning lotions

Many people are unaware of this prerequisite to catching the tan from self-tanning lotions. You must take the trouble to moisturize and exfoliate your skin before you apply the self-tanning lotion. Neglecting this step is the main reason why people develop streaks.


The best way to avoid streaking is to exfoliate your skin every morning in the shower before applying the tanning lotion. The exfoliating product should be used a couple of days before the use of the tanning lotion and not just before it. If you use it in quick succession with the self-tanning lotion, the whole process may be hindered because the absorption process may be disturbed.


It is also a good idea to shave a couple of days before making use of the self-tanning lotion as that too exfoliates the skin. You should however maintain the same time gap irrespective of whichever method you use to exfoliate your skin.

Be slow & gentle!

When it comes to the actual act of applying the tanner then you need to be extremely gentle, to begin with. Work your way slowly making sure you rub the product into the skin completely. Lotions are better for people who are more likely to develop streaks as compared to the self-tanning quick-drying foam. The lotion gives you more time to smoothen out the uneven areas thereby reducing the chances of getting streaks.

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