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Why must telephone companies use structured cables?

A telephone is one of the earliest and most important ways for many businesses and people to communicate and convey messages. This communication mode is less popular in few places and is among few businesses, but these modes of communication are still effective for some businesses.

To inspire and attract more customers and users, telephone companies take great initiative and steps, among which is cable selection. To connect two users and enable communication between various ends, telephone companies use structured cables and are their first priority. There are various reasons behind choosing structured cables, and we will get to know about them in this article.

Keep scrolling this article to get detailed information on the reasons behind telephone companies using structured cables over other cable types.

Top 7 reasons why structured cables are essential for telephone companies

Telephone companies are not completely dead with the evolution of technology. Most people believe that telephone companies are not in demand anymore, but it is not true. Most people and businesses still use landlines and telephones to communicate or for any other purposes. These telephone companies thrive on providing quality communications to their users. For this purpose, they use structured cables to connect multiple users at distant places.

Below are some more reasons why telephone companies use structured cables.

1. Transmission of signals to long distances

People make phone calls to communicate with their distant relatives, friends, and other matters on a phone call. These telephone companies must make sure that the people using their services are able to make a long-distance call. Other cables are not able to provide a connection to long distances, whereas structured cables are more suitable for long-distance signal and data transmission. That is the reason why most telephone companies opt for structured cabling companies in Dubai to install these cables properly to their infrastructure and ensure communications to long distances.

2. Increase in the use of VOIP

VOIP stands for voice-over-internet protocol. Most telephone companies also provide VOIP services in which they allow their users to make phone calls over the internet. With the increase in technology, the number of people shifting to this way of communication is also increasing. Providing higher rates of communications to the people over the internet has made telephone companies switch from traditional cables to structured cables.

3. Voice quality

In communications, voice quality matters greatly. When you lack better voice quality, you will fail to achieve your objective, and the communication between the two ends will be incomplete. Telephone companies use cables that provide better voice quality because that is the only thing your customers will look for in communication.

4. Lower attenuation rates

Higher signal attenuations and interferences in phone calls are the biggest reasons people switch to different service providers. With the availability of these signal interferences making calls or listening to other ends is impossible. In the past, these issues were higher, and people were unable to have better communications over a phone call. There were higher chances of one call signal interfering with the other one, which was the biggest security threat. To avoid these threats and customer disengagements, telephone companies use structured cables mostly.

5. High adaptability money

Structured cables are well-known and popular for their adaptive nature. They are one of the most convenient types of cables with which the installation and replacement of existing or new equipment are easier. These structured cables have higher capacities to accept any changes in the future or any advancements to the existing phone lines, making it the best choice for most businesses, more specifically to telephone companies.

6. Cost-effectiveness

These cables are expensive, but the amount you spend on buying and installing these cables is a one-time cost. This property of structured cables makes them cost-effective in comparison to other cables. With other cables, you have to replace them after a few months with the new ones, which is an extra burden on most businesses’ shoulders. Another aspect associated with structured cables is that you do not have to remove the previous infrastructure to add the new equipment. The existing cable network will easily accommodate the new equipment with the structured cables without costing you an extra amount.

7. Higher bandwidths are a necessity

For any business that involves communication having higher bandwidths is crucial. Telephone companies mostly deal with communications, and people using the services of these telephone companies ask for one thing, and that is higher bandwidths. That is why telephone companies go for installing structured cables instead of other cables that lack higher bandwidths and communication rates. Hire structured cabling companies in Dubai toprovide higher bandwidths for your business by installing and maintaining the right type of cable for you.

Grow your communication business with the right cable selection!

Running a communication business is not an easy task. You always have to prove yourself as the best among many options for your customers. One way to prove yourself the best is by having a quality cable and an expert installing and maintaining these cables for you. The right cable choice and the right people to install will help you pave paths for the growth of your communication business.

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