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Solar Energy Benefits on the Environment

According to the experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd, renewable energy has positioned itself as the technology of choice for power generation capacity. The rapid adoption of solar energy can be traced to the low cost and the reduction in electricity bills, as well as saves environment. On top of that, there are various incentives and rebates homeowners enjoy.

However, these are not the only reasons why solar energy is the next big thing in the energy sector. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels while embracing solar energy is also good for the planet earth. They are clean, pure energy that derives power from the mother earth gift “the sun”. Which means they can help reduce pollution and improve health.

Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd, a company harnessing the power of solar and wind and providing micro power plants delves deeper into the benefits of solar energy on the environment.

1. It Provides Green Renewable Energy

This is obvious, solar energy is sustainable and as much as there is sun there will always be solar power. The photovoltaic technologies used by solar powers are clean, emission-free which helps in generating pure, green energy. This means these sources are already displacing the “dirty” fossil fuels. Plus, they are from natural sources, they are clean and they are available in abundance. That is why Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd prides itself on its innovative, efficient offering of micro plants that harness wind and solar power to thousands of customers globally. A great and continuous move towards environmental-friendly energy.

2. It Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emission

Traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels, coal and natural gas are go through burning, mining and combustion during conversion. All these releases carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that leads to air pollution. This pollution is one of the earth’s greatest enemies and can lead to a whole lot of issues like global warming and risks to human health, nature and organisms. However, solar energy does not need to burn fossil fuels, reduce gas emission and allow cleaner air in the environment.

3. It Consumes Less Water

Do you know that solar energy also consumes less water and reduces water pollution? 100% renewables mean 95% water consumption for power generation, according to a study by Finland’s LUT University. For one, solar panels rely solely on sunlight to generate electricity and they do not require water or any equipment to keep them functioning. Moreover, while other manufacturing processes require water, Photovoltaic solar cells do not require water to operate. Therefore, these precious resources are conserved with no strain or negative impact on the ecosystem.

4. It Reduces Health-related Problems

When the air pollution is reduced, it leads to cleaner air to breathe in the environment. Imagine releasing thousands of pounds of carbon, nitrous oxides, sulphur dioxide and any other emissions into the air annually. Little wonder there has been an increased rate of asthma, lung diseases, respiratory and cardiovascular problems and even cancer. That is why US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy believes that going solar can help save the lives of 52,000 Americans per year. It will dramatically reduce the rates of diseases, cut down health care costs and reduce premature mortality.

5. It Fights Against Climate Change

Harsh weather, changes in the ecosystem, rising global temperature, increased sea levels, and many more are what the world is battling with. Many countries and cities are already facing extreme droughts, floods and wildfires. This brings an urgent need to transition from sources releasing harmful substances to the environment to cleaner ones. In order to reduce carbon footprints and pollution, solar is the way.  Only a 1 MW solar plant can reduce carbon emissions by almost 1000 tons in a year. Amazingly, this is equivalent to planting 5000 trees every year. And of course, we cannot ignore the fact that trees have the added advantage of helping in the production of oxygen as well. Could solar energy be what we need to fight against climate change?

These and many more are the benefits of solar energy for the environment. Join Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd to help save our dear planet by going solar.

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