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Samsung Soundbar Q800A Details Review

This year Samsung is taking the audio experience to whole a new level with its innovative soundbars. You may already have seen the Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar. Here is another recently launched soundbar by Samsung, Soundbar – Q800A. It offers more unique features than the previous one. After Samsungs official launch this month, this soundbar has become the storm in a cup for many technology lovers. Does this really deserve that much attention? Does it worth your money? Will it fulfill the expectations of a modern audio device? Well, maybe those are the things that you have been looking for. We have made this review to answer all your questions. Just keep reading & we can guarantee that you will not have any other confusion regarding Samsung Soundbar Q800A.

What Is The Samsung Soundbar Q800A?

As we mentioned earlier, this an innovative audio technology by Samsung that comes in bar form. If you are familiar with any soundbar by Samsung then you may have a basic idea about this soundbar. If you are looking for an audio device besides your Headphones for Watching Movies & Listening to Music then you will have several options including Tower Speakers, Floorstanding Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers, Mini Speakers, etc. Till now a soundbar is considered the smartest solution for musical aid.

It requires a small space, can provide better audio quality & also it will look great along with your Smart TV. The size of modern devices is shrinking day by day, but providing more to its users. This innovative soundbar by Samsung, the Samsung Soundbar Q800A can be a perfect example of this. The thing that makes it more unique & powerful than other same category soundbars is the Subwoofer. Yes, you have heard it right. the Samsung Soundbar Q800A comes with a Subwoofer to take its audio quality to the next level. That means it can be a complete package as an audio device.

What’s in The Box?

  • User manual
  • HDMI cable
  • 2x Power cables
  • Power cable Adapter
  • Wall-mounting brackets
  • Screws for wall-mounting brackets
  • Template for wall-mounting brackets
  • 4x Rubber foot stickers
  • Remote Controller with 2x AA batteries

Design & Built

Unlike other soundbars by Samsung, this one is more of a premium product. That means it offers a premium design & built as well. Though it has a similar design to the previous Samsung HW-Q700A & Samsung HW-Q800T soundbars. But the build materials are definitely high quality here. You will find a metal grille that is covering the top & the front of this soundbar. The rest of the body is built in premium plastic. But the thing is you will hardly notice that it has a plastic body on the first look. The premium built quality makes it feel like metal. It is a good thing though. The dimension of this soundbar is 4.5 x 38.6 x 2.4 inches. You will find two openings on the back of this soundbar. One is for inputs & the other one is for the power cable.

You will also find universal holes underneath the bar just in case you want to wall-mount it. The subwoofer that comes with this soundbar is made with audio-grade wood. Samsung has wisely chosen the wood of this subwoofer to deliver you the best audio experience. There is a thin fabric covering the front of this subwoofer. There is a plastic port on the back of the subwoofer. The power cable is in the bottom left & the pairing button is besides that. Both the soundbar & subwoofer has matt black finish on them. It looks really great. One thing that we did not like about the design is the subwoofer’s thin fabric cover gets dirty pretty easily. You need to clean this part regularly to make sure that there is no permanent stain. Otherwise, it will ruin the entire beauty of this soundbar set.

Audio Quality

This is the most important & awaited section for the music lover out there. If you ask us the overall audio quality of the Samsung Soundbar Q800A then the answer will be it delivers crisp & balanced audio quality. And of course, it is better than all other previous Samsung soundbars. The audio quality is neutral at all levels. It can deliver clear lows & crisp highs. The deep & punchy bass of this soundbar is something that will make you feel a very realistic audio experience. This is a 3.1.2 setup &covers much wider space than other soundbars. While watching movies & your favorite shows you will feel like the footsteps are coming towards you for real. It also has dialogue & speech enhancement technology so that you will not miss a single whispering sound while watching movies.

For music lovers, it can also be a great choice, especially for EDM, hip-hop & rock music lovers. It features Graphic Equalizer presets. Using that you can change the audio profile & choose your desired audio profile that soothes your test. You will also get heavy bass & very loud sound from this soundbar. That is why some new users also recommend this for party uses. But there is one thing that we found it lack while testing. It does not have room & space correction technology. That is why in different rooms & places you will get different audio quality. The audio quality that you will get in your open living room will not match what you will get in your small bedroom.

Extra Features

The Samsung Soundbar Q800A comes with a subwoofer that we already have mentioned earlier. It also comes with a remote controller. There is a built-in Alexa Voice Assistant in it that will be very helpful for all users. You can control it with your voice command.

Our Verdict

The Samsung Soundbar Q800A offers the most advanced audio experience that you can get from a modern soundbar. It has great design & built quality and better than Samsung HW-S60A. The best thing is it comes with a subwoofer that enhances its audio quality. It can be a great choice for both watching movies & listening to music. But as a downside, we found out that the audio quality changes if you take it to a different environment.

Although, it’s not a party speaker. That means you will hardly move it from your place. But one thing that you should know is to get the best experience you must have a new Samsung Smart TV. As Samsung mentioned it works along with the audio generated by Samsung Smart TV. Combining 2 types of audio delivers a better sound quality. We tested it both with & without a Samsung TV. With a Samsung Smart TV, we got better audio quality. But the difference was not very remarkable. That means you can also use it with other devices without hesitation. Another thing is, as a premium device it does not come cheap. But the things it offers within a compact size worth your money.

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