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How to Recognize Supplement Scams

Many of us have purchased supplements at one point in our life either because of doctors recommendations or our friends told us it is good. But how can you know if the supplement is original or fake? How can you confirm If a supplement is genuine before purchasing it? 

Supplements are used to meet our body’s nutritional needs. They have many great health benefits such as smoother skin, stronger muscles, a better immune system, and many more. Research has also shown that older adults are big users of supplements. More than 60% of baby boomers and silent generations also take supplements on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, the supplement industry attracts scammers who sell fake supplement products by spreading disinformation. They also hype their product through a deceptive market scheme to attract desperate customers.  Unfortunately, there is no certain and definite way to recognise truffa integratori until you start using it. But here are few ways to recognise original supplements from the fake ones. 

Packaging and Labelling

The best way to recognise a fake supplement is by carefully looking at its packaging and labelling. Before purchasing a supplement, it is important to first do thorough research about the product online. This will help you recognise how its packaging looks like and the ingredients used in manufacturing it. 

Many fake supplements often use low-quality labels and no matter how the packaging is, it is always different from the original product. They also have spelling mistakes, wrong colours, logo misalignment. Therefore, carefully look at the print quality and compare it with the original product. 


Fake supplements often add to their ingredient list. This means some ingredients on the label are not on the original product. They know many desperate customers will not take the time to read the ingredients list the moment they see the product. Some also order the product online and start using it immediately. They received it without comparing the ingredient list from the manufacturer website. 

Verified mark

Verified marks like USP helps customers to identify original supplements from fake ones. The supplement industry is not subjected to extreme testing and effectiveness by the Food and Drug Administration like other medications. The supplements do not also go through clinical testing for approval before selling to the public. 

This gives scammers leverage to deceive customers. But organisations such as USP helps in the verification of products such as supplements. The USP Verified Mark is always on the original product and it can not be duplicated. Therefore, check for it before purchasing any supplements. 

Mixability and smell

Original supplements have a pleasing but strong smell while most fake supplements have a bad and irritating smell. Original supplements mix easily with water, dissolve completely and have a smooth texture. Fake supplements are hard to dissolve and often have clumps after shaking vigorously for a long time. It also has an uneven texture with a tiny substance that looks like plastic or gravel.  Fake supplements also taste too sweet but this can be difficult to recognize if you are using supplements for the first time. 

With these tips, we hope you can be able to easily spot a truffa integratori when next you when to purchase a supplement. 

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