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Top 15 Balcony Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Everyone wants a garden, but not everyone has the space to have one. If you are one of those people who want to grow your own organic food or just have some fresh flowers in your life but don’t have much room, then this post is for you. Here are 15 great small balcony gardens ideas that will help you maximize your limited space and still be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. From herbs and veggies to succulents, vines for trellises, and even bonsai trees- there’s something here for everyone. So get out there with our list today and let us know what worked best

1. Grow a small herb garden

Make the most of your porch or patio with herbs. Make sure you have a variety that will grow well in shade. Basil, chives, parsley, oregano are some great options. Since they are small, you only need a few pots to grow them. A great option for this is to look for hanging or railing planters that will allow you easy access and visibility of the herbs while also saving space.

2. Create a hanging garden with bamboo or twine

All you need is some sturdy string or wire to hang plants, vines etc. If you want to be fancy, glue clear gems onto the ends of your twine/wire so it looks like crystals. You can then secure it to different areas on your balcony with nails or screws. This will not only give you a beautiful display, but also allows for more room on the ground as well.

3. Grow veggies and greens in a vertical garden

Vertical gardening is one of the great balcony garden ideas for small spaces or narrow walls without much sun. You can find vegetable planters that have different sized pockets that allow you to grow many veggies at the same time without taking up too much space, as well as bee houses where you can plant lavender, basil and other herbs.

4. Use a DIY pallet garden box

Pallets are a great way to recycle wood and make use of empty spaces at the same time! You can build up your balcony with three stacked pallets and save yourself some valuable room. Just make sure you don’t store anything on top or put any weight on it.

5. Create a herb garden with containers

Growing herbs are one of the popular balcony garden ideas because they don’t require much sunlight and can easily be grown indoors instead of in your garden. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from when choosing pottery or ceramic pots to create your herb gardens. You can even paint them to match your décor or leave them natural if you like how they look.

6. Plant vines on your balcony for extra privacy

Vines on balconies are an excellent way to create privacy and can also brighten up the area with some colorful flowers. They don’t require much either, similar to herbs but using more planters instead of hanging from a string. You can use planters or pots and position them to match the vines you’re using so that the vine still has a strong support to grow on without you having to do too much work.

7. Use an old pot for succulents

Succulents are very popular right now and they’re great for small spaces too. They don’t take up very much room and they only need sunlight for a few hours a day. This is one of the perfect balcony garden ideas if you’re stuck with not enough direct sunlight on your patio or porch.

8. Make your own window garden

Window gardens are a great way to maximize light and make use of small balcony garden. They can be made with any container you like but make sure the container is slightly elevated so the plants don’t rot or collect too much water, which will cause root rot. You can either grow herbs in pots using different sizes, or put small succulents in mason jars.

9. String some lights

Stringing lights on your balcony garden is a great way to add more light and atmosphere during the night, as well as make your balcony appear bigger and more spacious. You can use different colored lights or create multiple lines of them to create a spectacular effect.

10. Add some boulders and stones for an outdoor touch

Boulders and stone are great additions to any home décor (and especially on small balconies) because they’re natural and will fit in any garden. If you don’t want to add these in the ground, you can also use them as stepping platforms for planters and fill them with colorful flowers or even succulents like string lights.

11. Make a brick pizza oven

Pizza ovens are becoming more popular all over the world and they’re perfect for small spaces because you can attach them to your balcony and use wood for fuel. They’re excellent if you like cooking, especially because they’re great for making pizzas or breads with old-fashioned bricks that will retain heat.

12. Make your own planter boxes out of pallets

Pallets are a great way to recycle wood and make use of empty spaces at the same time! You can build up your balcony with three stacked pallets and save yourself some valuable room. Just make sure you don’t store anything on top or put any weight on it.

13. Grow herbs in coffee cans for easy access

Coffee cans are an easy way to grow herbs on your balcony because you can stack them on top of each other and they take up very little room. You can either put the cans next to each other or make them into hanging planters for vines, which is especially great if you’re using some rusty old coffee beans tins.

14. Learn how to make pots from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the most common items with recycling and if you have plenty of them at home, why not try to recycle them into some new planters? You can cut the bottom off plastic bottles with your hands or scissors and use them as pots for flowers. This is especially good because it won’t take up too much space

15. Add a bench with storage underneath for extra seating and storage

Benches are very useful, especially on balconies. You can put them anywhere you like and if you’re lucky enough to have extra space that’s not covered by plants or flowers, then you can use it as a bench with some storage underneath for storing nicknacks and decorations. Benches will also make a great addition to a small balcony garden if you don’t have much space or even if you want to make use of the corner.


A small balcony doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful garden. Whether you’re looking to add a little greenery and color, or just want some fresh herbs for your kitchen, these 15 small balcony garden ideas have got you covered. We hope this list has inspired you to get started on your own project!

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