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What Makes Independent Film Festivals Worth Considering!

Independent film festivals matter the most to new filmmakers and those who want to create movies outside mainstream cinema. Also, since these filmmakers often produce low-budget films, they do not have big producers and directors.

For such budget films, festivals serve as the greatest means to promote themselves and get notified by the audience. For the same reason, an indie film festival is important for filmmakers and the existence of indie films itself.

However, there are many more reasons why these indie film festivals should keep growing. Let’s discuss the same here.

Enriched Connections

Online streaming has become mainstream today, and people rarely find time to watch together as a community.

Indie film fest motivates people to visit the screenings and experience the theater all over again. It also lets you talk and discuss with other fellow contributors about their projects, challenges, and how they overcame the same.

They also encourage filmmakers to join the community and exchange contacts so these creators can attend other such screenings when the opportunity arises.

Instant Feedbacks And Recommendations

Indie films usually get only one chance of getting a screening. Screening is the only way for them to get reactions and feedback from the audience. This makes film festivals a great place to exchange ideas and let filmmakers and audiences come together.

Filmmakers can receive recommendations or suggestions on their independent short films. They can accordingly eliminate some parts of the film or add something new. This, in a way, helps filmmakers develop more improvised versions of their creations.

Awards And Recognition

Besides giving the right networking and audience, film festivals also award the makers. Sometimes there are sponsorships as well that work to motivate new filmmakers to come up with more creations and to excel in their field. This hence becomes one of the reasons for film festivals that should be conducted.

Theatrical Releases

For regular movies, there are theatrical releases taking place every week. Most people opt for these movies, and those who want more convenience opt for VOD platforms like Netflix. Amidst all this, indie films are also displayed on some indie-film-focused online platforms.

However, not every film reaches the theater or VOD platforms. For all such films, indie film festivals bring the perfect opportunity. Fans of Indie movies who want to watch the film while having human interaction also admire such film festivals more than online platforms.

Economy Support

Let’s not forget the fact that film festivals play a significant role in the tourism industry. The festival also creates many jobs and supports the economy overall. It supports the local hotels from where the organization of food and snacks takes place. People book tickets and travel from afar, contributing to the economy.

Many commercial establishments also utilize the event to offer their services and increase their net worth in return.

5 Reasons “Why Should We Consider Indie Films More Than We Do?”

1. Indie films are mostly created to focus on a specific topic that needs the attention of humans. They are different from usual Hollywood films that are based on fiction, most of the time.

2. Indie films are not entirely focused on entertainment, but on conveying their message to the world or their audience.

3. Indie films are the creations that have the power to bring people’s attention toward a significant cause and the way to resolve it, making life easier and more peaceful.

4. People are influenced by the cinema, and they prefer visuals over any other means of communication. In this scenario, indie films can be the means we need to deliver our message to society.

5. Indie films are all about creativity, they have the power to protest, and only they have the power to inspire a big group of people. These films can change the perception of those who watch them and inspire them to make positive changes.

For all of these changes to occur, it is important to screen independent films and give filmmakers a chance. For the same reason, film festivals are essential, where the world screens and comprehends these films.

7 Significant Independent Film Festivals

There are thousands of film festivals for independent films. New creators naturally feel overwhelmed by so many options or don’t know their options at all.

Here are some of the best independent film festivals.

1. Bend Film At Bend Film Festivals

BendFilm is known for providing a blasting experience for independent film creators. The film festival hosts the creations of filmmakers in many different houses and theaters.

They also help spread awareness and let people know the significance of independent films and how they are an important part of society.

The festival happens in October in Bend, Oregon; the beautiful mountains make it even more lively and irresistible for indie film and nature lovers.

2. Eastern Oregon Film Festivals

Another setup for the independent short film festival is known for its location in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. The organizers here are known for their hospitality, making it a cozy experience for the audience.

3. Indielisboa Film Festivals

Lisbon, Portugal, is the next location to be fortunate enough to participate in the screening of indie films. The movies are particularly focused on the younger generation of the place rather than the older generation.

This is the same reason there are DJs, parties, and even a beatboxing battle. They are also kid-friendly where they screen via IndieJunior.

4. Tribeca Film Festivals

Tribeca welcomes all new and established film creators to participate in the screenings and showcase their work to the world.

They are known for their innovative and technology-oriented approaches. They launch new ideas via their exhibitions, live performances, and premieres.

5. Raindance Film Festivals

Raindance is one of the most famous ones based in the UK. They carefully curate the independent films that become eligible to be screened. The film festival is also recognized by some big names such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

6. Brussels Independent Film Festival

Brussels seeks out people with unique concepts and becomes the voice of novices and veterans. Those who have a low budget can opt for the film festival; it provides a humble environment for new creators.

Filmmakers can receive feedback and critics’ comments on their creations and explore new opportunities and possibilities in the cinematic world.

7. Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

SFiFF is another amazing platform for filmmakers, all new and experienced ones. It gets counted among the top regional film festivals that help creators connect to the industry and indulge more in it.

The platform encourages filmmakers by rewarding them with cash prizes, awards, and travel coverages.

Wrapping Up

Independent films are the voices of artists, dancers, painters, musicians, and everyone who wants to convey a message to the world. These films are needed where there is a need to take action against the opposition and challenge sleeping minds.

Surely it is the era of streaming content and having everything on demand within seconds, but there are some things that still benefit the traditional way, and an independent movie festival is one of them. Film creators need it to show their work, and the world needs it to receive the message.

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