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8 Regional Weddings in India

Wedding stage decorations at Weddings vary from one place to another. But mostly what affects every Wedding in India is the difference in community practices.

The food also has several changes and recipe variations in several parts of the country. As the catering serves differently. Here are a few Indian wedding types.

1. Assamese Wedding Stage decoration

White Mekhela Chador is a must for older people at the wedding. Whereas, the bride wears a brownish Muga silk as apparel. On the other hand, taking state Decorations is mostly associated with flowers and light mekhla designs.

The catering has a must dish, called “Tanga” fish curry, which has a typical native sour taste of the seven sisters.

2. Haryanvi Wedding Stage decoration

Lehenga, Jhuttis, and Turbans are the leading fashion tips of the Hariyanvis. The most important fact about these Weddings are, the women have a typical collared lehenga as apparel. Whereas, the stage decoration has extremely flowy colors of the state.

Haryanvi caterers usually have chapatis, dal makhani, and Kair Sangri the most popular dish. Kachri ki Chatni, another irreplaceable part of wedding Catering.

3. Marwari Wedding Stage decoration

Dal Barmri Churma, Rajasthani Curry, methi Bajra puri, Shahi Gatti, ker Frangri are few of the most famous dishes served at catering in every Marwari Wedding in India.

The beautiful taste has a side by side association with the stage decoration as well. The Weddings are decorated with colorfully embroidered clothes and stitches that go well with the ambiance.

4. Punjabi Wedding Stage decoration

Beyond the Lassi, Palang Paneer, Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, and naan Punjabi caterings also have Pindi Channa and Sarson Ka saag in their wedding menu.

The wedding Stage decoration is moderately light and modest because Punjabi Weddings usually take place inside a Gurdwara. The holy place of worship for the Sikhs and Monas.

5. Gujrati Wedding stage decoration

Live Dhokla counters, Lilva Kachori, Patra, Methi Pakora, Undhiy, and lots and lots of veg delicacies are found at a Gujrati Wedding catering.

They ask for a loud and passionate Wedding Stage decoration that can totally complement the flamboyant design of their mirror work chaniya cholis. The stage Decoration is quite famous in other parts of India as well.

6. Marathi Wedding Stage decoration

Kokam Sharbat, Batata Vada, Wada Pau, Varli Vangi, Masala Bhat, Vandara Rassa and Tampa Rassa are few typical dishes served at Marwari Weddings.

The stage decoration is mostly associated with flowers and lots and lots of colorful flowers that complement the pledge of a Marathi Wedding.

7. Tamilian Wedding Stage decoration

The most amusing fact about Tamilian weddings is timing. The wedding starts at 6 AM in the morning. The Wedding stage decoration is light and has a decent assessment of royalty and tradition.

The brides look gorgeous in their Kanjivaram sarees and adore the stage with the bride. Whereas, the catering is mostly filled with sour and beautiful rich recipes.

8. Hyderabadi Wedding Stage decoration

Not typically the south Indian wedding we know about. Hyderabadi Weddings have beautiful Nawabi Gharana Wedding Stage decoration styles. Flower filled patterns and a fresh variety of Mughal Stage decors.

The famous Hyderabadi Biryani is a must for all sorts of catering. Multiple pallets of non-veg and baked foods.

These were all types of Indian weddings that one needs to know. And, about their stage decoration and catering too.

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