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Telemarketing: The new ally of digital marketing

Telemarketing to the rescue of digital marketing

Often we read here and there that telemarketing is dead. It would be a has-been technique for overwhelmed salespeople and companies. It is often opposed to digital marketing.

However, in recent years, faced with the explosion of inbound and outbound digital campaigns, some prospects no longer react or react enough to your various requests. This translates into difficulty in generating qualified leads on the accounts and contacts you are targeting.

Faced with this problem, telephone prospecting represents a real solution in addition to a web marketing campaign.

Boost the ROI of your web marketing through telemarketing

Often, the leads coming from your digital campaigns are not numerous enough and especially not sufficiently exploited. You can’t just wait for an incoming call from your prospects or expect to qualify a project on a simple form. This spontaneous feedback from your prospects is only the tip of the iceberg. However, it is vital to seek to optimize the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns.

To this end, telemarketing allows you to get the most out of your digital campaigns. Each contact, each return, or each start of interest from your prospects is then processed. You thus exploit the weak signals of your prospects and maximize your results.

By prospecting, the BDRs (Business development representative) at Seventic use your marketing campaigns as an icebreaker (or icebreaker) making it easier to get in touch with your prospects. For example, I am contacting you because I saw that you reacted by liking our blog article on the subject XXXX. I would like to discuss this topic with you. Is the subject of our blog post a project in the making of your company? 

With this illustration, it is more obvious to see that digital marketing and telemarketing can be intelligently coupled. They allow easier contact with your prospects and a greater generation of qualified leads. Our experience shows that we can carry out up to 61% more projects in this way.

Improve the results of your social selling operations

A social selling approach leads you to very specific actions on the social network LinkedIn. You target your prospects and connect with them. You publish posts, react to those of your contacts, and exchange InMails with them. This is fine, but at some point, there is a need to establish direct contact.

In a social selling process, you don’t know exactly why someone reacts to one of your approaches, what is he looking for, what does he want? With your online interlocutor, you can assess the contact’s interest in your offer and the degree of maturity of his project.

You can’t be satisfied with low interaction with your prospect on LinkedIn. It is, therefore, necessary to call him and discuss with him to understand his needs. Intelligently combining telemarketing and social selling is essential to generate real business opportunities.

Boost your ABM campaigns with telemarketing

ABM (Account-based marketing) consists of focusing your marketing and sales resources on key strategic accounts for your business. There is a lot of talk about targeting, data, technologies, marketing campaigns, but often, the commercial aspect is somewhat forgotten.

Yet this business aspect plays a vital role in your ABM campaign. Telemarketing then makes it possible to intelligently bounce back from the reactions of your target interlocutors and to initiate direct dialogue with your prospects. The contacts you target in your ABM campaigns now know your business and your offers, but telephone prospecting will go further.

The ABM telemarketer (or BDR) will approach the right people at the right time with the right speech. He will be able to interact with strategic contacts, understand the decision-making circuits and participate in optimizing your marketing actions based on feedback from contacts. It will above all meet the main objective of your campaign, which is to detect projects and open strategic accounts for your business.

Generate qualified projects (MQL) for your sales teams

Whether it is in a direct approach (cold calling) or coupled with your web marketing actions, telemarketing allows you to generate qualified projects and appointments for your sales teams.

Even if your digital marketing campaigns generate leads, simple digital interaction with the prospect is not enough. It is necessary to come into direct contact with him to qualify him.

The value-added telephone prospecting is the best way to understand the psychology, the state of mind, the problems (problems) of your prospects,… It is this direct approach towards your prospects that will fully help you to answer questions fundamental for successful marketing: Is your prospect interested in your solutions or services? Is it curiosity or does he have a real project? What is its role in decision-making? How mature is it?

The shopping phoning will allow qualifying the project as BANT criteria (Budget / Authority / Need / Timing). At Insurance Noon, we use this method to find out if a lead is mature enough to be passed on to our clients’ sales teams in charge of the final stage of conversion.

Take advantage of new telemarketing skills and technologies

In recent years, telemarketing has evolved considerably and completely changed. Whether in terms of profiles (BDR) and technologies used, it has been able to reinvent itself to remain efficient.

The telemarketer who makes calls to the channel reciting a script without understanding anything about your offer is well and truly over. It can’t work. Agencies, such as Sky Ry Ventures, provide their clients with experienced BDR profiles who know your sector and commercial competence.

Nowadays, the telemarketer must have the ability to pitch your offer. He is in conversational mode with your prospects by developing real game intelligence. Thus, he adapts to each interlocutor, understands non-verbal language, intelligently bounces on your last digital campaign,… He can prospect by telephone, but he must also be comfortable in writing. He knows how to write ultra-personalized emails to make your prospects react.

The B2B telemarketer has a multitude of tools to prospect intelligently. With the emergence of solutions, like Lusha, he can reach certain prospects on their cell phone or their direct line. With tools, like Sales Navigator, he targets his prospects more precisely by following company news and the latest posts he has published. A technology, like PointDrive, allows it to identify visitors, duration and pages traveled on your last business cases or commercial documents. It is alerted in real-time in CRMs, such as Salesforce when a prospect opens an email.

You will understand that the telemarketer (BDR) has become more technophile and versatile in his prospecting.

In recent years, telemarketing operations have become scarce in the face of criticism and the lack of enthusiasm of salespeople to prospect. Less solicited by phone, prospects are therefore more available and willing to take this approach than before. This then represents an opportunity for those who dare to take their phone. They can thus differentiate themselves and quickly generate qualified projects or meetings.

Telemarketing and digital marketing are not to be opposed, but, on the contrary, to combine cleverly in an integrated way. The results are then clearly superior in terms of quantity and quality of qualified leads (MQL> SQL) for your sales forces.

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