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Violet Krasinski: Bio, Family, Education and Other Details

Actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the parents of child actress Violet Krasinski. Unlike other celebrities that are not affectionate with their spouse, these two are quite loving to each other. Others envy their bond and how they relate with each other and their two children. Below are the details about the life of Violet Krasinski’s parents.

How did her parents meet?

In 2008, Violet Krasinski‘s parents, John and Emily, met and fell in love, though John fell first. Later on, Emily reciprocated his love and the duo started a relationship. 2023 will mark the 15th year of their meeting and relationship. Ironically, John admitted on a show that he wasn’t ready to commit to a relationship. But meeting Emily, his stance changed, and he couldn’t help but make her his girlfriend. John confessed that he instantly liked when he first set his eyes on her. He also revealed that their spontaneous chemistry further convinced him that they belonged together.

Subsequent relationship and marriage

After a while, John and Emily took their dating to the next level. Since they were sure of each other, they didn’t date for long. In 2010, two years after John and Emily met, they were joined in holy matrimony. The pair got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony. It was a private event attended only by their family and closest friends. The ceremony took place in Italy at a famous place where a celebrity once resided. Their marriage is blessed with two girls, Hazel and Violet Krasinski.

John and Emily’s professional lives

John’s acting career

The American actor has a successful acting so far and he picks good movies to appear in. He is known for acting in hit movies like ‘The Workplace’ and so on. His abilities have made him a force to reckon with in the American entertainment industry.

Emily’s acting career

Same as her husband, Emily is also a successful woman. In fact, she has featured in popular movies and won many awards. Not only that, she is very intelligent and got an acting grant.

John and Emily’s Children

John and Emily first had a daughter, Hazel in 2014 followed by another daughter, Violet years later. The couple announced their first pregnancy to the public on their social media pages. Likewise, they shared Hazel’s birth with the world on Twitter. The Twitter post showed how happy John and Emily were to have Hazel.

John’s love for his children

John absolutely loves his children, and he is always mentioning them to people. Anybody close to him knows he doesn’t fail to use any opportunity to brag about his kids. He always applauds Hazel for being a wonderful older sister to her younger sister, Violet. He also appreciates how Violet is a sweet younger sister to her big sister, Hazel.

Emily’s love for her children

Similarly, Emily is not left behind when it comes to showing off her children. In an interview, Emily revealed how fascinated she is about how her children, especially Hazel, mimic her. According to Emily, Hazel used to copy her British accent. But for some reason, she switched to an American accent later on.

John and Emily’s second child

The birth of John and Emily’s second child, called Violet, was also a welcome addition to the family. Since they already have one daughter, they were not really new to parenting. They gave birth to Violet when Hazel was two years old. This means that Hazel Krasinski is two years older than Violet Krasinski. Just like how they announced the birth of Hazel, they also announced Violet’s arrival on Twitter.

Violet’s educational background

Violet was born in the United States and is being raised in the same country. She lives in the United States with her sibling and parents. But she sometimes visits the United Kingdom with her parents and sibling. In addition, Violet attends a school in the United States to be closer to her family.

Violet’s accent

Even though the Krasinski family lives in America, it is a fact that Emily is British and speaks British English. Hence, people are curious to know if Emily’s kids speak with a British accent like her or have American accents. As stated earlier, Hazel started with a British accent but switched to an American accent. However, Violet started speaking like a British when COVID-19 started. At that time, Violet was schooling in the UK, so she picked the accent and stuck to it.

What Emily thinks of her children’s accents

Emily seems to appreciate her kids speaking with British accents rather than speaking with American accents. She also said that her children attend schools where they teach them the right etiquette. Additionally, Emily seems rather proud of the fact that her little ones are becoming British.

Violet as a celebrity

Violet is a superstar in her own right, especially in America. She sometimes appears on television shows with her family. Therefore, it is not strange to see Violet while her parents or sibling are on set. Violet is yet to star in any movie due to her young age. However, her older sister, Hazel, is different. She has started taking acting roles and mostly rehearsed her roles in a theater group.


Finally, it isn’t clear if Violet Krasinski will take up acting in the future like the rest of her family. But whatever she decides to do in the future, certainly, she will always have the love and support of her family.

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