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Mary Lee Harvey: The Ex-Wife of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s former wife Mary Lee Harvey is an expert make-up professional who loves to stay out of the limelight. Although not many knew her, she became somewhat popular when she and Steve, her former husband, had legal disputes. Their divorce was widely popularized in the media and people even got to know a bit about their child. Below are some insights into Mary Harvey’s life.

Mary’s childhood

Mary Lee Harvey is a Texas native who grew up on American soil. Growing up, she had a bad relationship with her dad. Hence, she yearned for her child to be close to his dad. She even once revealed that she wished she had a good father figure in her life. Mary’s marriage to Steve Harvey, a popular comedian, made her popular.

Therefore, her childhood educational background is unknown. Even her post-divorce life isn’t well known. But what is public knowledge is her previous job, citizenship, and ethnicity. Apart from that, Mary herself told the media that she comes from a huge family.

Steve and Mary’s connection

Mary is connected to Steve as his previous wife and the mother of his child. Both were formerly in love to the extent that they were joined in holy matrimony and blessed with a son. Sadly, their happily ever after didn’t last and ended in a divorce. Their marital life and subsequent split were likened to a television drama. She wasn’t the first to marry Steve because Steve was married before. Still, being connected to Steve through marriage brought her fame, which was good for her profession.

How did Mary meet Steve?

Given her controversial relationship with Steve, most people have nearly forgotten their love story. The duo met while Steve was on stage during a Texas show. This happened after Steve split from Marcia. Steve and Mary were attracted to each other and started seeing each other. The pair attributed the attraction to the probable lovely moments they experienced on that show.

People’s reaction to the new relationship

Steve’s close friends, well-wishers, and fans were shocked that Steve was dating Mary Lee Harvey. Their reactions were understandable because they felt Steve should have taken a break after his first divorce.

The divorce proceedings

Mary’s marriage to Steve lasted for nearly a decade with a child before they called it quits. The divorce was a bitter one and so messy. Steve was given total custody, while Mary had visitation rights. Nobody knows what led to their breakup, but Mary once accused her ex of infidelity. She said Steve was dating Marjorie while still married to her.

However, it was not confirmed whether this is true or not. Therefore, many unverified speculations have surrounded their union to date. Likewise, Mary was legally bound to keep the cause of their separation a secret. If she properly divulges it, it might have legal consequences for her.

Steve and Mary’s child

Wynton is the name of the child Steve and Mary have together. After they divorced, they battled for the child’s custody, but Mary later lost custody. However, Steve fathered other children from other relationships.

Mary’s former husband

In 1957, Steve, Mary’s former husband, was born. He grew up in America and pursued a career in the entertainment industry. Gradually, Steve made a name for himself in the television and stand-up comedy sectors. This was not surprising, as Steve is naturally funny and a good communicator.

Additionally, he has written some bestselling books, worked as a host for a radio station, and is also a producer. Furthermore, Steve has his own shows that he hosts and produces. In recognition of his hard work, Steve has received many prestigious awards, including the Image and Emmy Awards.

Steve’s net worth

Steve is worth over 139 million dollars. Some of his wealth comes from his salaries and numerous investments. He has invested in many businesses and taken up many jobs. This is why he is known as a very busy man in the U.S. because of his several jobs. He also has assets scattered in his country of residence. Moreover, his bestselling books continue to sell well to this day, contributing to his huge income.

Mary Harvey’s Career

Mary Lee Harvey as stated above was a makeup artist before her marriage. But it isn’t quite clear whether she continued to work as one during her marriage. Neither has she made public what she does after her divorce.

Mary’s net worth

Mary developed her career as a certified makeup artist. But after she settled down, nobody knew if she worked or not in that period. Mary is worth nearly one million dollars. Furthermore, Steve paid her a considerable sum of money for four years. This money was part of the divorce proceedings from Steve. She also got more than a million dollars from Steve, an amount that might have contributed to her net worth.


Lastly, those close to Mary Lee Harvey lamented the messy situation between her and Steve Harvey. The marriage and divorce changed her and made her mature more quickly. As it is, Mary currently stays out of the media and is keeping a low profile.

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