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When to Rekey or When You Should Not

From several locksmith services, rekey is one that assists customers in their needs. Rekey a lock means changing the existing key pins in the locks with the new ones without changing the body of the lock. In this, locksmith will provide a new set of keys which means old ones will not be in use ever. In simple words, you will have the same old lock but with new keys to operate.

There are several situations where you can get a chance to go with rekeying option and in some, you can’t. Here in this article, you will get to know in what situations you can opt for rekey service from locksmith Tampa companies.

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Where Rekey To Lock Can Help

1) Move to a new house

If you have just moved to a new house, then it’s the best time to opt for rekeying. It’s risky to believe that the owner of the house who handover the keys of your new apartment doesn’t have a copy of it. Here it’s better to call the professional Tampa locksmith to rekey the locks. As you are living in your new house so it’s important to have only your control on the keys rather than any outsider, no matter if the tenant is known or relative.

2) Lost Keys

At the time of lost keys, the best reasonable solution that you will have is, only rekeying the lock. Keys are tiny stuff that can be misplaced from your pocket or purse. But it’s not okay if you are unable to find your keys. It can be stolen by outsiders which means he will have the access to your property easily. Without any delay or taking any risk, you should call the expert locksmith to rekey the locks. He will provide you the new security system by just changing the internal key pins. The old keys that you have lost then will never able to access that lock again.

Where Rekey Option Can’t Assist You

In some situations, rekey option can’t be implemented. This solution is for limited situations only. Rekey option is not worth of when your lock is damaged or broken. A broken lock can hardly repair. In case of a broken lock, a locksmith will suggest only a replacement option.

Some people want high protection and always change locks whenever any new or smart lock comes in the market. To install updated and modern locks, one should have no option except to replace the old lock with the new one. Here rekey can’t help anywhere.

It’s important to know the use of services in exact situations and only then it will lead to a positive outcome. The above information is sufficient to get an idea of the exact and accurate use of service at the right place. Before making any decision you should ask for suggestions from professional locksmiths. They will happily assist you and provide you the right option in the end.  So don’t think too much, just pick your phone and call the professional locksmith nearby you. It’s the best way out.

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