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Ripple XRP: Most Commonly Asked Queries about the Payment Solutions

The interest of the beginners in the cryptos industry and specifically Ripple XRP has been increasing at a decent rate and it is sort of natural. As the interest in global payment solutions is increasing, so is the number of people with doubts and questions in their minds related to the token. 

In this article, we will be answering the 8 most frequently asked question about Ripple and XRP that the people and especially beginners in the industry have in their minds.

Also, it should be noticed, that the information shared in this article is in accordance with the updated rules, regulations, and latest developments in the asset.

How to Buy Ripple XRP?

This is certainly one of the most commonly asked questions. Well, it should be known that the digital asset is made available to trade, purchase, and hold on over 50 exchanges internationally. However, it should also be noted that each and every exchange that has XRP listed on it has different procedures of enrolling, buying and trading the mentioned cryptocurrency.

In addition to this, if you already have Ripple in your wallet and have a doubt about anything related to the asset, then you can directly raise a ticket or send a mail directly to the respective cryptos exchange.

Is XRP Secure to Use?

The place where XRP transactions occur and are recorded is known as the XRP Ledger and the software that keeps a maintenance check on the Ledger is open source and carries out continuously on a dispersed network of servers that are operated by a variety of establishments.

Talking about the Ledger, it is an open-source code base that anticipatorily evolves and manages the ledger.

Since the establishment of XRP Ledger, the team behind the payment protocol has been constantly working on making the ledger more adaptable and impenetrable to a point of failure through decentralizing.

However, in order to come to the point of security issues, you should possess Ripple XRP in your wallet which you will be getting after getting yourself enrolled in a cryptos exchange or wallet.

What is The Major Dissimilarity Between XRP, Ripple, and XRP Ledger?

Well first, we should talk about Ripple, it is a firm that provides a better global payments experience for its users in real-time. In addition to this, it should be known that iot is a firm that is held privately. 

Moving further to what is XRP, well, XRP is the digital asset vernacular to XRP Ledger.

Now the question arises what is this Ledger to which XRP is a native? Answering to that, XRP Ledger is an open-source and digital asset that is established for executing payments.

Number of Financial Entitites Where XRP is Accepted

Here, we will be talking about the major payment providers that have adopted XRP. The list starts with Viamericas, Western Union, MoneyGram, Currencies Direct, Cambridge Global Payments, IDT, MercuryFX, and IDT.

These are the eight major payment providers that have recently made an announcement in public that their pilot makes use of XRP in payment flows through xRapid to provide lucidity solutions for carrying out their international payments.

Ripple has a bubbling line of financial entities that are allured towards the potential of the payments system and their payment flows.

Centralized or Decentralized?

Centralization basically stands for a concept that a single body has full control over the Ledger. While on the other hand, as previously mentioned in this article, Ripple has made a huge contribution to the open-source code of the XRP Ledger. 

Hence, it clarifies that the managing team behind the global payments solution does not particularly own it. Moreover, it implies that the team does not have any control on the ledger and ultimately, we can conclude this answer by stating that it is decentralized.

In addition to this, it has been officially stated by the firm that the decentralization factor of the ledger is a procedure that was there since the beginning.

Which Wallet to Use?

There are numerous wallets out there in the market that serves a different purpose for different users. It solely depends on the user which type of wallet suits him best and in which wallet he wants to keep his assets. 

However, it is always advised that the user should consider getting appropriate information about the wallet before enrolling themselves in it or keeping their valuable assets in the wallet.

Also, give some time in gaining proper knowledge about the wallet for knowing what purpose does it particularly serves so that you should be clear before making the decision.

Is it Possible to Generate More Tokens?

Well, the answer to this question is a straight no, as Ripple as an individual firm has no hand in the generation of XRPs, as even before the formation of the company 100 billion XRP was generated.

The people who created this digital asset gifted a considerable amount of these tokens to the now deserving company.

Price Fluctuations and Affect on Financial Institutions

There is no effect of the fluctuations in the price of XRP on the financial entities that are allured in monitoring xRapid. 

The settlement time of the token is comparatively lesser than other assets present in the market.


There are of course a lot of other questions in the minds of different people, but you should be aware that all your doubts can be cleared on the official website of Ripple. The firm actively solves the doubts and queries of its users.

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