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How You Can Recycle Car Parts

If your car has worn out and is all ready to part ways with you, it’s time to plan what to do with it. There are many ways in which you can get rid of your junk car. If your car is in a good condition, selling it to personal buyers or Sell Your Car Online For Cash can be a great idea. However, if your vehicle is in no condition to be resold to personal buyers, you can consider car wreckers. Cash For Cars Sydney offers top cash for cars and gives you a free car removal service. They will pick up your vehicle from your location and pay you cash on the spot. It is a super quick and easy procedure.

If you believe your car can offer you more money, there is another way to get rid of it. Many people part out their cars. Some car parts are extremely valuable and you might not want to throw them in with your vehicle while selling it to wreckers. This is why people take out the valuable parts of their cars and send them separately. If you want to recycle your car parts, we have some essential tips for you.

Metalwork or Body of your car

You must know that most of the weight of your vehicle constitutes of the metalwork on it. On average, about 1300kg of your car’s weight is metalwork. Even though it is encouraged to make less heavy cars for the sustainability of the environment and reduced carbon emissions, modern cars seem to be extremely heavy. They produce more carbon emissions and consume more fuel as well. If you have an enormous car that has a good quantity of metalwork on it, you can sell your car’s body for a great price. Aluminum is also a precious metal that accounts for 10% of your vehicle’s weight and it is commonly found in rims, engines, bumpers, door handles, car bonnets, etc.


You might not know that your tires can be recycled at the correct facility and in a number of ways. Even though tires are banned in landfills, you can still find a dealer and recycle them. Tires are a combination of rubber, zinc oxide, hydrocarbons, sulfur, and other compounds. These tires can be repurposed and used in multiple ways. There is a possibility that the rubber sandals you are wearing have come from a recycled tire. The most common use of recycled tires can be observed in rubber mulch which is used in children’s parks. Slides and toys made out of rubber mulch provide safety to the children. If you want to recycle your used tires, you can make good money out of them.

Car Batteries

The most commonly recycled car batteries are lead-acid automotive batteries. However, you can recycle any car battery and get good cash for it. Car batteries are the most commonly recycled car parts. They contain a lot of heavy metals and hence are fairly expensive. This is why it is a popular product in the aftermarket industry. All you have to do is reach out to your nearest car recyclers and sell your used car battery for cash.

Auto Glass

You might be surprised to know that auto glass is readily recycled in the aftermarket. Your windscreen could be on furniture or even a piece of jewelry. People believe that car glass cannot be efficiently recycled. However, with the use of correct methodology and the latest technology, most of the auto glass is recycled and put to various uses.

Car Plastic

On average, 120kgs of your car’s weight can be plastic. The use of plastic in cars was discouraged in older times. However, modern cars have a good amount of plastic that can be recycled. Plastic being a non-biodegradable material can be extremely harmful to the environment. If you want to get rid of your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner, you must recycle the plastic in your car.

It is vital for the sustainability of the environment that we recycle car parts and dispose of the vehicles in the best possible manner. Car wreckers or Car Recyclers use the latest technology to recycle car parts. They also offer you the best cash for cars of all makes and models. You can reach out to the nearest car recyclers and recycle the used auto parts for cash.

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