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Why is Oracle Compared to Dark Horse in the TikTok deal?

TikTok used to be the most popular video-sharing platform with billions of users scattered worldwide. However, the user base was witnessed dramatically falling post the ban that was announced because of various reasons. 

The post-ban phase soon recorded a rise in the TikTok clone venture to provide a substitute in the absence of TikTok. Popular social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram were also reported testing their video sharing platform to take on the market. 

However, the Chinese app is still struggling to make its way into the market. The ban was followed by the rising fear of getting sensitive information compromised on the Chinese servers via TikTok. To address the concern and as a means of survival, the Chinese company ByteDance has announced a partnership with the US-based company, Oracle.

Oracle is seen as a dark horse amidst the tough times that TikTok is facing due to global criticism and rejection. Read this article to know more about the forming ties between Oracle and TikTok.

Oracle-TikTok Making Headlines

The rising tension against Chinese diplomacy had an economic side to it. Various business operations were halted, and the halt was (and still is) witnessed globally. Governments of many nations boycotted Chinese intervention in their lifestyle. As a result, various commercial activities having even a slightest of Chinese touch are boycotted. 

TikTok is one of the affected platforms. It is a video sharing platform that comes under the ownership of ByteDance.

The platform targets Android and iOS-powered mobile devices and is available in 40 languages. It is enough to state the wide acceptability that the platform received globally. 

TikTok is a video sharing platform that has more than 700 million active users (recorded at the time of the ban; however, the data is likely to vary, post the ban). The announcement of the ban created curiosity in some and disappointment in others. 

No doubt the ban impacted the users and left them without any other option to rely upon, the act was accepted and supported by the users as being the matter of national integrity and security. 

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Oracle, the US-based tech giant, is making news and has caught the many eyes of TikTok users, especially those residing in the US. The company, proposing to buy the rights, have finally settled by partnering with the brand instead of buying the exclusive rights. However, the partial venture was proposed by ByteDance and accepted by Oracle amidst the ongoing tough situation. 

The recent deal has provided relief to the TikTok users that were relying on the substitutes in the absence of TikTok. However, the operational domain is still under the radar of discussion and hence uncertain.

The parent company is ensuring to consider and take over the security concerns that are keeping the global citizens from accepting the application. The announcement was made after the six weeks long discussion was held amongst the different panels that are involved in the matter. 

There are a lot many controversies that are circulating since TikTok’s sensational move; however, the picture will be cleared with time. Moreover, it is said that the move is likely to create thousands of job opportunities for US citizens that will further contribute to polishing the ties across the two borders.  

Meanwhile, the popularity of TikTok and the concept of video sharing platform was served via similar software solutions, i.e. TikTok clone app. TikTok clone app is the replica or says a modified version of the TikTok application, sharing a similar foundation; however, with personalized branding. 

TikTok Clone App Development

TikTok clone app development is the process that not every video-sharing app aspirant would be familiar with; however, it can be the most effective alternative over-investing in new research and development. 

There are merits and demerits of every approach that you select; however, what weighs over is something that is taken into consideration while going in for. TikTok clone app development empowers the developer to modify the source-code that shares a similarity with the parent app. It also shortens the time required to develop the app, otherwise a time-consuming process in the absence of it.

The source code of clone scripts welcomes changes hence providing an opportunity to enrich the experience by learning from the limitations of the original script and incorporating modifications accordingly. 

Final words

The ban imposed on TikTok and the high popularity and success it achieved before facing the ban is enough to keep you wondering about how successful investing in TikTok app development will be. The millions of users that the platform reported are now switching onto different platforms in a hope to find out something as capable as TikTok. 

Looking at the criticality of the situation, investing in TikTok clone development via a TikTok clone script can boost up the chances of success while reducing the cost of the project when compared to investing in new research and development from scratch.

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