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How to Convince Customers to Drop Reviews for Your Business Online

Many people consider different options when buying a product from a brand. Whether it’s a new product or a popular business, many inquire about the product from their friends and family, while others search online for their answers. And with the growing technology, it is so comfortable and quick to purchase products online without speaking to the brand sales representatives. Hence, reviews play an important role in the marketing of products as it has a tremendous impact on customers that want to purchase your product.

Having reviews on many popular platforms increases the visibility of your product, online customer review aids  SEO, and also boost your brand search ranking. Most essentially, reviews are crucial for your customers. Most customers now rely on the positive review response of other experienced customers when making buying decisions. This positive feedback about your product helps in building customer’s trust and building confidence in your brand.

But, making your clients write a positive review of your product can sometimes be complex and tricky. While customers who are satisfied using your product neglect the significance of dropping reviews, the unhappy ones will never hesitate to put their dissatisfaction in writing. Therefore, what can you do to make customers give their opinion about your product?  Not just opinions, positive reviews that count. Here are steps to convince your customer to drop reviews about your brand or product online.

Simply ask for it

This method is very simple and works effectively. Most customers know how important reviews are because they also search for one before purchasing your product. Therefore, you only need to simply ask. For you to make it convenient and more relevant, ask them to drop a positive review response within a few months of buying your product. This also makes the review fresh and valid. 

Interestingly, many people believe many reviews are fake especially when there is no negative review. Hence, giving your customers time to verify every review shows how true it is and also builds a customer’s trust. Also, don’t assume customers can only drop reviews when the purchase is made online. Urge them to drop customer reviews online when they patronize your retail stores. Furthermore, share a link to your review site every time you mail your customer. 

Create many options  

Do not underestimate your customers. Creating many options for them will boost their chances of dropping a review for your product. For instance, it is unlikely for them to be on your website daily, but they can be actively engaged on other social platforms such as social media. Therefore, your website shouldn’t be the only single place where customers have the opportunity to drop a review. Hence, spread your niche and let your review page be accessible in all platforms that are used by people every day. 

Make it easy 

Most customers find it difficult to drop a review and many customers with good experience might not see the need to write reviews. So, how do you encourage customers with an immeasurable experience to drop a review? The answer is to make it simple and convenient for them. Putting a link on your website that directs your customer to your review site saves them from a lot of stress. You can also include the link on the emails sent to your customer asking them for their product feedback. All these customer review strategies enhance the probability of getting a positive review from them. Always put in mind the essence of simplicity.

Educate your workers

Educate your workers and sales representatives about the value of customers review. Address your sales representatives and let them know the benefit of getting feedback. They should know how to ask for a review from customers, remind them to drop their opinion on all platforms, and also appreciate them for doing so. This helps you to know if your customer’s service department is doing a great job.

Ask them for pictures

Pictures show the authenticity of reviews from customers and it shows it is coming from a valid user. So, tell your customers to add their photographs when giving feedback about your product. Besides, such images draw customers’ attention and they know it not from an unidentified user but someone that have used the brand product or services. This is a review from a customer and not paid reviews or a strategy to helps boost your business. 

Appreciate them

Appreciating your customers makes them have a sense of importance and is a stepping stone to achieving your dream. Make it an important phase for all your customer after purchasing your product. Say thank you to every review they write on every platform. Send them an email to appreciate their effort. This makes them feel special and appreciated.

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